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The proprietary app-based POS software, plentyPOS, expands the plentymarkets system into a far-reaching omni-channel platform. Thanks to its compatibility with modern touchscreen devices, plentyPOS users can continue using the system while out on the sales floor, while customers get a modern, comfortable shopping experience.

The ERP system that combines resource planning with shop software and multi-channel sales

Thanks to a variety of functions and interfaces, this online-based software can map an entire workflow in online and offline retail fully automatically. plentymarkets has connections to all relevant marketplaces, payment, logistics, online store, legal and affiliate marketing providers, allowing you to open up a whole host of sales channels simultaneously.

Why you should choose our partner plentymarkets?

  • Take advantage of the countless plentymarkets modules that integrate perfectly with econda solutions: From stock management and online stores, to multi-channel, fulfillment and payment. For absolutely everything your online and offline retail needs.
  • Elastic export – an existing interface for using your plentymarkets product data feed: You can prepare and use product data from your plentymarkets to easily generate product recommendations.
  • Added value for your plentymarkets platform: The platform brings all modules together, automates your processes and connects to external data and software solutions with ease, thanks to the Rest-API interface.
  • What more could you wish for? With product recommendations and personalization, econda generates more sales and larger shopping carts in your plentymarkets online store.

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