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Personalization For individual customer experiences

Make your marketing more effective and win over your target group with personalized content. ECONDA Personalization will help you meet the wants and needs of your visitors – on your website, in your newsletter, and through ads.

Make the visit to your website an experience

ECONDA Personalization is a real-time personalisation platform (CDP) that works across devices and is cookieless. This allows you to integrate product recommendations and other dynamic content into websites or online shops in a privacy-compliant manner. Our personalisation tool creates content in real time that is precisely tailored to your individual visitors, even without personal data. From the personal customer approach as in stationary retail, customised mailings and product recommendations to individual banners – with ECONDA Personalization all your visitors get to see exactly what they are really interested in.

ECONDA Personalization

What we offer Our personalization packages

from 99€/
Starter includes
  • Reco Engine
    from 199€/
    Advanced includes
    • Reco Engine
    • Reco in Mailouts
      from 999€/
      Professional includes
      • Reco Engine
      • Reco in Mailouts
      • 1-to-1 personalization
      • Recommendation AI
      • Customer Data Platform
        Upon request
        Individually customized offers and services

          All personalization feature at a glance

          Reco Engine

          Create an experience on your website with recommendations that are tailored to your customers. Our Reco Engine is often used to suggest matching or similar products on product detail pages. For example, recommend products to your customers to reach the free shipping limit and increase your sales. Of course, our Reco Engine also provides you with everything you need to keep an eye on the efficiency and performance of your recommendations at all times.

          Reco in Mailouts

          Personalised mailings make your email campaigns even more successful. Delight your customers by tailoring your mailings exactly to their needs and wishes. For example, our Reco in Mailings provides your customers with recommendations based on the products they have viewed or added to their shopping basket. You can also identify and evaluate visits generated via links in your mailings. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate your mailing statistics into ECONDA Analytics and thus optimise the recipient data with the web analytics data.

          1-to-1 Personalization

          No matter whether you are an existing customer or a prospective customer: With personalised content, you put the focus where it will excite your customers the most. Greet your existing customers personally on your website and show that you know and value them. Or convert price-sensitive new customers into existing customers with customised offers. With our 1-to-1 personalisation, there are no limits.

          Recommendation AI

          You want to know today what your customers will be interested in tomorrow? Then our recommendation AI is the right choice for you. Based on the profile of a visitor, predictions are made about which products your customers will buy next. The algorithm that makes the predictions is trained on the basis of the purchases of the last four weeks. It takes into account what other visitors have bought and what the corresponding profile looks like. This way you know exactly what your customers want.

          Customer Data Platform

          Our Customer Data Platform collects and organises your data and assigns it to specific profiles in a smart process. Bye-bye silos: Finally, you can link all data from your CRM and BI tools. We build up a complete profile via the ID graph. This way you always have access to all collected data. It doesn’t matter whether it’s customer data from the CRM or data from the web.

          Satisfaction These companies are personalizing their websites with PIA ECONDA

          Data alone does not make an experience

          Personality is the key to future success. Make appropriate recommendations to ensure your visitors have an unforgettable customer experience. What recommendations should we display? The choice is yours! Whether on a website or in an online store – you’ll get the best out of both with our Reco Engine.

          Personalization Data security for future-proof marketing

          Collect reliable data from a variety of sources and use them to personalize your content for visitors – anonymously and always compliant with data protection.

          Personalization Data security for future-proof marketing

          Collect reliable data from a variety of sources and use them to personalize your content for visitors – anonymously and always compliant with data protection.

          Support Support services included

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          Set up

          Full implementation support with a personal account manager (costs equivalent to single monthly fee)

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          Product support

          Personal 1-on-1 support (plus hotline/email/ticket system)

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          Technical Support

          Personal 1-on-1 support (plus hotline/email/ticket system)

          Always by your side Our training and consulting services

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          1st Level Support (free)

          1st Level Support training for answering simple questions

          FAQ documentation so that your company can consistently answer simple 1st Level questions directly

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          Basic training (free)

          Training for occasional users

          Basics von PIA ECONDA

          General setup of the solution

          Creating Dashboards

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          Online seminars (free)


          Quick overview for new users

          The most important functions of PIA ECONDA explained in one hour

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          Key User training (charged according to time spent)

          Deep dive into the solution

          Creating your own metrics and virtual dimensions

          Using filters and segments correctly

          User management