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With the right data you have a clear advantage.

Data acquisition, calculation, analyses, data mining, recommendation, personalization

(Web) Analytics with econda

Know your visitor

Your knowledge about your potential customers, about your existing customers and your product are your unique selling points. Use this knowledge, design your marketing and your product to perfectly suit your customer- for long-lasting success.

Learn more about your customers day after day and be relevant!
econda Analytics is the solution

User-centric analyses with econda Centricity

Understand your visitor

Think and work in line with your customers (customer centric). Use your wealth of data from web, CRM and marketplaces. Use this data knowledge for automatic product and content recommendations, tailored to suit target groups (recommendations).

Convert and keep your customers!
econda Centricity helps you.

Real time personalization with econda Cross Sell and econda Audience Relationship Platform (ARP)

Excite your visitors

Excite your visitors. For you a technology (DMP), for your customers the perfect consultation, service and relevance.

Excite your audience, be successful!
econda Audience Relationship Platform.

Could you handle just a little bit more?

econda provides you with the most innovative SaaS solutions to fire up your data-driven business. Valid, readily available web data acquisitions and high performance data analyses are among our core skills, along with automatic data calculation, data mining and machine learning procedures. And let’s not forget our ingenious management of product recommendations and our customization of web offers through personalization.

econda is the technology company for people who love data and who are “nerdy” enough to love dealing with it day in, day out. Our passion is our expertise. With the econda SaaS solutions we can help you and your company create the perfect foundations for increased, sustainable success in e-commerce and e-business.


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Use the central Data Management Platform

Things we take for granted in one-to-one communication can be applied to all other channels of communication too. Obviously you would never point gentlemen in the direction of the ladies department. You wouldn’t usually try and sell country music to teenagers, just as you wouldn’t normally give a pensioner a load of information on retirement planning. Don’t just stop at optimizing your product. Instead bring your product in line with your customers demand.

Personalization and Analytics -

This isn’t ‘off the peg’ web analytics. econda provides us with the ideal tool to monitor the performance of all our online activities. Both onsite and off site.

Christian Doerfel, Heinrich Heine GmbH
Personalization and Analytics -

“I just created my first reporting based on econda data – what a great tool”