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Thinking about tomorrow together Sustainability at PIA ECONDA

At PIA ECONDA, we care about sustainability and protecting the environment. That’s why we are making a sustainable contribution to protecting our planet.

CERTIFIED CLIMATEPARTNER Our Commitment to more Climate Protection

As part of the PIA Group, PIA ECONDA is a certified climate protection partner. The ClimatePartner certification provides transparent disclosure of the PIA Group’s entire climate action strategy, including the carbon footprints, emissions reduction targets, implemented reductions and the financial contribution towards climate protection projects worldwide.

We show transparently how we are committed to greater environmental protection and sustainability.

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OUR COMMITMENT Supported Climate Protection Projects

The PIA Group supports three certified climate protection projects (as of 11/2023). The projects are regularly audited by independent third parties. In addition, the climate protection projects contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You can find out more details about the climate protection projects we support here:

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Green Energy for Server & Office

At PIA ECONDA, we only use green energy! That’s why we get energy for our office from e.optimum and only use e-vehicles as company cars. Our servers at claranet using green energy from mainova. Because that’s what matters to us: More sustainable energy for a more sustainable planet. Our purchase of green electricity from renewable energy sources is certified. Find out more here.

Approach Here’s how we’re protecting our Planet

wachsende Pflanze
For every new customer, we plant a tree in Germany via the Green Forest Fund and offset our carbon emissions.
We only use electric company vehicles.
All our employees have the opportunity to buy their own reasonably priced e-bike through the jobrad.de platform.
We are establishing more sustainable office procedures.
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We only go on business trips when absolutely necessary. And we only take the train.
We protect our environment with green energy from e.optimum.