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PIA ECONDA PARTNER NETWORK Great relationships begin with recommendations

Great relationships begin with recommendations In addition to our outstanding skills, we also bring together cross-sector know-how. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the best e-commerce and marketing network.

PIA ECONDA Agency Partners Become a certified partner

Certified partners have undergone extensive training in how to integrate, use and get the best out of our products.

Werde zertifizierter Partner

THE BENEFITS There are many ways you can benefit from being a PIA ECONDA partner

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Agency commissions

Attractive commissions for successful referrals and throughout the customer relationship

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We offer comprehensive support on customer projects, plus trainings as part of our online seminars, partner workshops or certification events.

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Partner news

Get regular partner newsletters with detailed information and news on personalization, recommendation, analytics, e-commerce and marketing.

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Sales and marketing

We give you support on more than just online and offline marketing, we also help you with sales through our web demos or face-to-face meetings with stakeholders.

A strong partner by your side

PIA ECONDA has one of the strongest partner networks anywhere in the e-commerce and marketing industry. Our network includes renowned agencies, plus shop and system partners. Through close cooperation, we can efficiently realize goals and implement projects together at the highest level.

Armin Sanjari IT Wings

Armin Sanjari

Managing Director / CEO & Founder, IT-WINGS

As Head of a Digital Analytics Agency and a passionate Web Analyst, I am delighted that I can work with a Cookieless Tracking Tool with an integrated Tag Management Tool which provides GDPR-compliant data collection and storage. Having access to the raw data offers plenty of benefits too, such as being able to visualize data directly in a BI tool and linking it to other sources of data.

Niklas Lutz

Niklas Lutz

Head of Online Marketing, Splendid Internet GmbH

PIA ECONDA is a great solution that not only gives our e-commerce customers a more professional web analysis setup, it also gives them the ability to personalize their Customer Journey.

Bild Ralf Schütten

Ralf Schütten

Chief Traffic Architect, netzreich

I was able to achieve amazing results with PIA ECONDA. A great company who have supported me professionally for many years.

PIA ECONDA PARTNER Yes, I want to become a partner!

Benefit from the full power of PIA ECONDA as a partner. We will be in touch very soon with all the details.