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Mapp helps companies stand out from the competition with targeted and attractive marketing, without having to throw money out the window. With Mapp, digital marketing is fun again – thanks to technology that will make you and your work shine.

Know-how for successful Customer Experience strategies

Mapp helps you convert the full potential of your first-party data into easy-to-use insights. You understand and reach your customers at the right time, via the right channel and with the right message – always. With its fully-integrated stack, integrating Mapp Cloud into your existing marketing ecosystem is simple and efficient and the tool also supports all relevant CRM, DSP, e-commerce, POS, loyalty and CMS systems. With easy-to-use technologies, features, no-code solutions and AI-based recommendations, Mapp will help to significantly reduce the complexity of your daily projects. Giving you more time to make some real moves.

We combine data for your Mapp email marketing with our Email Performance plug-in.

  • Creating personalized landing pages in your online shop: The data collected via newsletters and preliminary email campaigns can be used to create personalized landing pages where you can display special offers or take the particular needs and interests of a customer into account.
  • Sending relevant offers via email: Another way to get to know the needs of your customers is to track their online behavior with a web analysis system. This information can be fed back into your Engage system and used to trigger an automatic email or text message. Reacting to customer behavior at the right time can help increase your open and conversion rates.
  • New offers after the shopping cart is abandoned: Studies have shown that 75% of online shoppers abandon their purchase before completing it. You can send out an automatic message with perfectly tailored content to reactivate these customers.
  • Simplifying analyses and optimizing online advertising: Connecting web analysis to email marketing gives you the ability to track every link. Within an email, you can attach a predefined code to every link. Meaning that you can evaluate every visit a user makes to a landing page with respect to these parameters. This makes it easy to compare campaigns, while at the same time giving you the ability to adapt your online marketing according to your observations on online behavior.

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