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As a frontend that is separate from the shop system, Makaira Storefront takes control of your Commerce Marketing. The primary focus of this headless system is on creating landing pages and marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

All top-class, all under one roof

Why is our partnership so valuable for your online business? You know the problem: You’ve got countless pieces of customer data spread across all systems imaginable. Which is far from ideal because, as an E-Commerce Manager, your main interest is in getting customers to spend more in your shop. Your colleagues in Customer Service, meanwhile, have a quite different view of your customer. It is only by combining this data that you can create a comprehensive customer profile that you can use for targeted approaches. This is precisely the problem the econda ARP solves. Our AI generates actually relevant recommendations in your Makaira shop software. Each customer is shown the best offer for them personally. Whether online, offline, via email or in an app.

Why you should choose our partner Makaira?

E-Commerce Marketing is an essential component of any e-commerce project. Many people concentrate on the shop system and its technical processes. But this is the foundation, not the key, to success. Makaira closes this gap: It leaves the shop system as the primary pricing, discount and process system and adds a quick and flexible frontend for modern e-commerce marketing. It also comes with all the components you can’t live without in today’s world. Components that can still be replaced or expanded with industry solutions or specialized tools. The Makaira Storefront lets you build landing pages to suit your target groups in the blink of an eye and, thanks to search engine optimization, it only shows visitors what they actually want to see. Plus, with the AI-based Audience Relationship Platform (ARP) from econda, all customers see the offer that’s best for them – and all in compliance with GDPR, naturally!

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