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Let us turbo-boost your business. Enhance your Magento Shop with valuable features that will pay dividends for your business goals. Real personalization that creates real added value for your customers.

What’s inside the econda Personalization Plug-in for Magento?

  • Comprehensive, intuitive web analytics software: ECONDA Analytics
  • Product recommendations that generate up to 30% more sales with ECONDA Personalization.
  • Adding ECONDA Personalization also opens up opportunities for AI-driven and behavior-based recommendations that are generated in real-time
  • Opportunities for personalized off-site marketing, such as in mailouts and banner ads

The benefits of using the plug-in

  • Super simple integration. Request the plug-in from us directly. The Magento <-> ECONDA plug-ins are free of charge, naturally.
  • Request or unlock an ECONDA account and you can get started straight away. You will get your individually created and configured account and all the info you need, from login details to user guides, within 24 hours (on working days).
  • If you have any technical questions regarding activating the plug-in, our Technical Customer Service team is here to help free of charge.
  • Got the tech in place but need advice on content? Not a problem – book an appointment with one of our experts directly.
  • Benefit from the best of both worlds and the lively content and technology exchange between Magento and ECONDA.
  • Weekly updates thanks to the latest technologies, SaaS and the tireless efforts of our econda developers.
  • Always leave the best till last? Technology is only a means to an end. Using Magento and econda will naturally also bring you commercial success: More orders, more sales, better customer loyalty and much more.

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