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With more than 20 years experience, Inxmail is a pioneer developer of email marketing software. In addition to its high-performance solutions, Inxmail covers all the requirements needed to make your email marketing a success: Generating interest, attracting stakeholders and achieving loyal customers.

The solution for email marketing

Over 2,000 clients across more than 20 countries are running successful email marketing and multi-channel campaigns with Inxmail. Want to get the very best out of your email marketing? With Inxmail, you can create personalized newsletters and automated mailouts that you can be sure will be delivered safely and securely (and lawfully). By using econda, your transaction emails can increase sales from your online shop – let the shared interface show you how.

Your Inxmail-econda interface

Our partner Inxmail has developed an interface that makes it easy as pie to integrate econda solutions. Meaning you get the best of both worlds:

  • Integrate predefined econda Tracking Parameters with ease in just a couple of clicks.
  • With the Email Performance Plug-in, you can boost your econda analyses using KPIs from Inxmail. So you can gauge the success of your campaigns even better, at a single glance.
  • Based on visitor and purchase behavior, econda can enrich the recipient data in Inxmail so that you can run Retargeting campaigns and action chains that will generate even more sales.
  • econda Personalization works with Inxmail to achieve even higher sales and greater customer loyalty by leveraging individualized and personalized recommendations.
  • Technology is not the be all and end all: Competent contact partners from a long list of projects together will use their experience and Best Practice solutions to support you.

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