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4SELLERS GmbH is one of the leading providers of e-commerce solutions in Germany. The company’s core product is their eponymous 4SELLERS software which acts as an interface for all processes within a retail business.

The interface for resounding success in e-commerce

With 4SELLERS, you can manage all your retail processes in one solution. From ERP systems to omni-channel, warehouse logistics and much more. You also get a modern webshop that has been optimized for B2C and B2B sales to make you ready for Commerce 4.0. Plus, the new flexible, browser-based ERP Cloud Assistance System, 4SELLERS Elements, will revolutionize the way you run your business day-to-day, bringing together automated processes and intelligent microservices, with a clear focus on usability and performance. 4SELLERS is not an off-the-shelf product, it is a tailor-made solution that is adapted to individual needs. Together with the 4SELLERS shop software, which includes full integration into the 4SELLERS ERP solution, we at econda will make sure your e-commerce business gets off on the right foot.

Why you should choose our partner 4SELLERS?

As a way of making the 4SELLERS shop software even more successful, we offer standardized solutions for the econda product range and have already rolled these out successfully for joint customers. Use all econda solutions for your 4SELLERS shop software and increase your potential in analysis and personalization even more.

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