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Customer Story How WWF is minimizing its Consent Gap in online marketing

Performance Media and econda providing GDPR-compliant Conversion Tracking and minimizing Consent Gap

The WWF is faced with an online marketing challenge. Many different marketing channels lead to a large amount of different projects soliciting donations. A targeted and structured mapping between the donations collected and the associated marketing channels would be very helpful for performance analysis. However, due to the GDPR and the obligation to collect opt-ins from users, there are a large number of missing consents that make this assignment impossible.   Together with PIA Media  and econda, WWF has implemented a solution that makes it possible to track which channel was used to generate which conversion. The trick: It works even without an opt-in on the part of the website visitor and yet is still fully compliant with data protection because it works with anonymous IDs and does not link data to people. In this use case, we show you how we managed this.