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Recommendation solution und engine
With Cross Sell you welcome a top salesman on board.
With relevant product recommendations and content specifically designed for target groups, you guarantee a higher turnover in your shop.


More turnover through relevant buying incentives

Cross Sell takes the online behavior of your visitors, along with current product and website interactions and comes up with intelligent, dynamic, relevant recommendations for your visitors. Be it impulse buying on the shopping cart page, individual recommendations by newsletter or high margin products on the home page, Cross Sell ensures your shopping carts are packed to the brim, as well as significantly boosting sales.

Personalized recommendations: acknowledging the individuality of each and every person

With the econda Audience Relationship Platform you bring real personalization into play. You know and understand your customer across all his devices, as well as his offline purchases and preferred brands. Together with Cross Sell you use this knowledge to provide totally tailor-made buying incentives. Further info.

Real time target groups from real behavior

With the econda Audience Relationship Platform you can take the behavior of your visitors to filter your target groups and use it directly for product recommendations and personalized content. Further info.

> 25%

and more sales revenue is achievable through the Cross Sell recommendations in your web shop.

> 200

and more active shops already benefit from the recommendations of Cross Sell widgets.

>45 Mio

and more product recommendations are provided by econda on a daily basis.

Begin your own Cross Sell success story.
Discover your sales potential today.

Cross Sell -

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