Personalization with econda
Reap the benefits of your customer knowledge from web data, CRM, ERP and campaign management in a central Customer Data Platform (CDP).


“We see our customers as guests who have been invited to a party,
and we are the hosts.”
Jeff Bezos, president, chairman and CEO of amazon

We expect profile data to be handled in a responsible manner. Make the most out of your data from the web (above all web analytics data), from your CRM or ERP system, from your BI solution or from your data warehouse and be the best host your guest could wish for. You only really know your guests when you understand their likes and their tastes and what they really need to be happy.

Capitalize on your customer knowledge for the customer

After all your knowledge about your customer is your unique selling point. Use your customer knowledge to the advantage of your customers. They will ultimately thank you for it with future purchases, referrals and high order volumes.


Say goodbye to data silos once and for all

Shared, asynchronous knowledge is of no use to you whatsoever, when interacting on a personal, individual basis with your customers. Merge your relevant profile information in accordance with data protection regulations in a real time, central data management platform.

What do you need to do?

Activate your data banks. Automatically export important customer knowledge into the econda Audience Relationship Platform.

What will this achieve?

Sounds unbelievable but fact is: satisfied customers, happy colleagues, increased customer loyalty, fantastic conversions, more turnover.

Sounds like a never-ending project?

On average an econda ARP customer enjoys the first online success within just a few weeks. We would be only to pleased to advise you!

Audience Relationship Platform -

“A big thank you to the colleagues from econda’s technology department for the preparation of Black Friday.”

I am interested in econda solutions

We would be only too pleased to answer any questions you may have and advise you on an individual basis.