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Marry up supply with demand. Be relevant through the relevance of your product. Optimize your conversion rate, your sale, your margins. Offer your customers the right product at the right time. Secure your customers.


Win and secure your customers – by constantly learning from each and every click

Does this sound familiar?

A customers goes into to a local retail store (POS). The customer browses in the gentlemen’s department. A friendly sales assistant approaches him and offers his help, which the customer readily accepts. Bearing the customers wishes in mind, the sales assistant shows him other similar products until the customer has exactly what he wants. In e-commerce this is called “item-2-item recommendation” or a recommendation engine.

The customer leaves extremely satisfied with the excellent sales service and returns to the same shop within a few weeks.

The sales assistant immediately recognizes his customer. He greets him in a friendly manner. Without the customer even saying a word, the sales assistant shows him to the men’s department and points out further offers that are likely to be of interest to him. In e-commerce in this case we talk about relevance and personalization.

Personalized advice for every individual

There is no average customer. Everyone is an individual and expects to be advised as such, according to his personal preferences.


Marry up supply and demand

You have supply (e.g. a product) and demand determined by your potential and existing customers. Marry up your supply and demand by communicating with your customers at the right time, in the right place and through the right channels. Make them the perfect tailor-made offer to suit their needs.

PHASE 1: Recommend

Integrate an intelligent, flexible recommendation engine for optimal product recommendations.

PHASE 2: Personalize

Understand your customers and personalize your communication with them – cross device and cross channel.

PHASE 3: Be customer focused

Your customer pays no attention to “marketing channels”: Offer him the same experience everywhere, be it online, in CC or at the point of sale.

Personalization -

“Nowhere else offers the complete Analytics, Cross Sell and Conversion Tuning package.”

Christian Oltrop, Schecker GmbH

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