econda (Web) Analytics

So you want more turnover, conversion, performance, profitability and market share?
Then get under the skin of your visitors and understand exactly how they connect with your product.


Success is key

Guess work is old hat. These days it’s all about focus so you don’t lose touch with the ever accelerating digital world. But what should you focus on? What’s really important? Thousands of questions and only a few answers. Find these answers in the data you source from the econda web and app measurement. This data needs to be up-to-date, readily accessible and easily analyzed.

Personalized advice for every individual

Are you responsible for your online project? Are you actively involved in online marketing and need valid figures on marketing management? Or are you the e-commerce manager and responsible for the online sales? Or quite possibly you are responsible for IT and are looking for an innovative SaaS analytics solution? Also as a Managing Director you need consistent figures, not only for overall business management but also potentially for a due diligence process. econda Analytics provides you with the right analyses and charts for a successful business!


Expand your understanding of (web) analytics

econda Analytics acquires web data through the direct integration of a code script or by using tag management. In this way you can securely collect your web data. Expand this web data world with imports from third party systems, e.g. with your mail marketing, your shop revenues, your turnover in marketplaces, your intelligent onsite searches or with cancelations and returns from your data warehouse. The econda Plug-in Center enhances your web data, giving you a comprehensive overview of your activities. Present this data to third party systems, by exporting raw data or aggregates. Your marketing automation systems will benefit from real time queries and your controller will love the econda Excel add-in that is provided by our web service API. At the same time the colleagues from the data warehouse or business intelligence will enjoy the raw data export. In fact, your whole company will reap the benefits from econda Data Services.

What are your objectives?

Data-driven business models are the key to future success! Just use your (web) data as a unique selling point!

What do you need to do?

Integrating econda Analytics is a piece of cake. Integrate directly using interfaces from our technology partners or with tag management.

What can you achieve?

Understand your customers. Not only can you optimize your product but you can bring it in line with demand. Use your knowledge across all channels.

(Web) Analytics -

“This isn’t ‘off the peg’ web analytics. econda provides us with the ideal tool to monitor the performance of all our online activities. Both onsite and offsite.”

Christian Doerfel, Heinrich Heine GmbH

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