Neither are we! Optimize your relevant target groups instead of focusing on average customers. Visitor-centric analyses place individual visitor behavior at the forefront of your evaluations.


Don’t waste your time analyzing bog standard averages,
instead turn your attention to actual behavior!

Just as you are no average human being, neither are your customers. econda Centricity highlights online behavior of your visitors based on individual user behavior. Interactively grouped, it is the individual behavior patterns that form your target groups.

Various kinds of intelligent reports help you gain new customer-centric understanding for your web analytics data. From customer journeys, cohorts and association analyses on reports, to time dependency on touch points, to clickable behavior patterns.

The visitor in the spotlight

A visitor should never just be “one in a crowd” in your analytics solution, but instead the pivotal focal point of your marketing landscape. Make econda Centricity the center of your web analytics.


The intelligent type of web analytics

While classic web analytics concentrates on your product and your range, econda Centricity focuses on your visitor. Ingenious evaluation options take web analytics to a whole new level.

Customer lifetime and econda Centricity

Uncover hidden correlations within your range, time dependencies between interactions and cross-device user behavior.

Email retargeting and econda Centricity

Research your target groups and use your knowledge to create tailor-made, successful marketing in mails and newsletters. An individual and targeted customer approach is the key to success.

Multi-touch attribution and econda Centricity

Measure the true performance of your marketing campaigns. We can work out the amount of turnover for each and every point of contact in your customer journey.

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“I am completely satisfied with econda. The flexibility of the tool knows no limits (e.g. through virtual dimensions).”

Dirk Heisner, solute GmbH

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