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With its product portfolio, econda gives you the perfect data base to successfully rescale data-driven business models.


The customer at the forefront of your business

All econda solutions have one common element: They focus on your customer.

Together with you we handle compiled data with care and respect. Through the acquisition and import of data we are able to improve the whole customer experience. We use this data to compile analyses, which enable you to marry up your supply and demand. With our personalization solutions you are all the more relevant to your customers. econda does not pass on valuable data to third parties. We do not create benchmarks that simply aid your competitors. We don’t gift wrap the knowledge about your customers and hand it to industry giants.

  • Web data acquisitions

    econda collects all relevant web data for you in accordance with data protection laws, through the direct integration of econda solutions, together with the econda Tag Manager or through interfaces of technology partners.

  • Data imports

    Not all important information can be tracked. Examples of which include pricing information on your marketing campaigns, TV broadcasting schedules, weather data and much more. With extensive plug-ins you can enrich your web data.

  • Data exports

    econda can compile and import data from the web, export data and provide third party systems access to your data warehouse, to your BI system, to your mail marketing solution or to other systems.

  • (Web) Analyses

    n the past we talked about ”web controlling”, then it was “web analytics” and today it is econda Analytics. With its user-friendly interface this is, without a shadow of a doubt, the term that describes a “powerful analytics client”. With econda Analytics you analyze your web and marketing data and focus on customer centricity. What’s more, you can analyze all important import data with ease in your own data central.

  • Recommendation engine

    econda Cross Sell benefits from intelligent algorithms that rely on a large database. “Item-to-item” recommendations, calculated not just by product interaction data, but also using the complete data base, are individually controlled with an innovative interface. These form the basis for your marketing automation concept and ultimately your internet success.

  • Personalization

    With its Audience Relationship Platform, econda is your solution of choice for personalization in REAL TIME. With the econda Data Management Platform ARP you can make your customer feel just that little bit special, across all devices and all channels (be it marketing or sales…), with relevant content, suitable products and maximum individuality.

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“econda is a very flexible and innovative tool kit. Together with econda, through the close cooperation with customer advisers and product developers, we have been able to implement highly innovative features and functions.”

Nana Lohmanns, Shop-Apotheke B.V.

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