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Shopify is a leading global company that offers you a reliable platform with all the e-commerce and Point-of-Sale functions you need to launch, run and expand your e-commerce business.

Your e-commerce platform

It doesn’t matter how big your company is. The philosophy at Shopify is to make e-commerce better for everyone – reducing barriers for entrepreneurs and making it easier to become independent. The numbers speak for themselves: More than 1,700,000 business in 175 countries across the globe have earned more than $200 bn with Shopify. Every company is unique – and yours is no exception! At econda, we will take your e-commerce business to the next level with our solutions. Individualize your online store for each and every customer. With econda Analytics, we give you more than 400 pre-configured analyses and let you display your products to targeted customers through our Recommendation Engine. All to make your Shopify online store a success! Plus, you can stop worrying about GDPR – our solutions are all 100% compliant with data protection laws.

Why you should choose our partner Shopify?

  • Getting started is easy and cost-effective, and with our plug-ins you get a range of options for expanding your online store professionally.
  • Shopify lets you set up your online store to completely match your corporate design and offers countless ready-made templates to make life easier. You can even request our econda plug-ins from the Shopify AppStore for an excellent and uniform customer experience.
  • Shopify will take care of regular system updates, SSL encryption or PCI certificates, hosting and server maintenance! Plus, with our econda solutions you are  100% GDPR-compliant .

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