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Data News2018-04-24T13:14:35+02:00

Ice cold und fair – Basket freeze with Tag Manager in affiliate marketing

Temperatures continue to fall in Germany, but online trade remains in the dizzy heights of the pre-Christmas madness. For many retailers it is the most profitable time of the year. People are frantically searching for gifts, trawling the internet and spending, spending, spending. Many retailers are slashing prices by offering discount codes. But it isn’t only the shops that are enticing the customers in but also voucher code sites. When this becomes a problem, here is how to react, in a nutshell. It is no secret that a considerable [...]

By |21. December 2017|news-en, ecommerce, analytics|

Share out the Christmas Cookies – a cookie switch with a Tag Management System

It’s the run up to Christmas: The streets are packed with people buying presents for thier loved ones. It’s not just the shops in town who are rubbing their hands together as their profits soar, many presents these days are simply ordered online. Customers visit your online shop through various channels. Many of these are paid a commision: Be it Newsletters, Adwords or affiliate partners. The commission is often based on the success of the visit, i.e the contact gets a share of the conversion. If [...]

By |20. April 2018|ecommerce, analytics, general, econda tips & tricks|

Pixel management made easy thanks to modern tag management

Friday 3pm. The telephone in the IT department rings: "Hi, this is Katja from marketing, Could someone please install the new remarketing pixel in the shop for the Halloween campaign? You are the only ones with access to it. I’ve just sent out the info by mail. It’s really urgent, seeing as we want to launch it on Monday“. This woman isn’t going to make any friends: Tight deadlines, no quality control and all that on a Friday afternoon... Surely there must be another way? Well of [...]

Personalization in onsite marketing: Who gets the advertising space?

Here’s the burning question - how does it work with advertising space, banners and interferences? You know how it is: Product management has a fantastic new campaign, designed to boost new markets. There are already three others running alongside this........your colleague has also sold space on the category page. So who gets the highly sought-after top spot in the most viewed space? Here it’s a great idea to work with sliders or even simply at random. As the saying goes; it’s he who shouts loudest, who gets heard... Nobody [...]

By |20. April 2018|news-en, news-en, personalization, ecommerce|