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Data News2018-04-24T13:14:35+01:00

Road to Success – How babymarkt.de has improved it’s mail marketing and keeps storage costs to a minimum with econda.

Road to Success - How babymarkt.de has improved it’s mail marketing and keeps storage costs to a minimum with econda. How econda helps babymarkt.de be a roaring success in E-commerce econda analytics plays an essential role in the high quality, targeted email marketing at babymarkt.de Alongside the analytics options, econda analytics provides babymarkt.de with fully developed software solutions with extensive data, allowing forecasting tools to work safely and precisely. This has countless benefits for babymarkt.de. A forecasting tool ensures the warehouse is never empty, predicts sales trends, reduces costs [...]

By |29. October 2019|news-en, ecommerce, analytics|

Are you prepared for the new GDPR and ePrivacy regulations?

Global data, cross-border traffic, big data applications, smart homes and the internet of things are merely a few examples of the developments in the past few years that have pushed previous data protection regulations to their limits. This is one of the reasons the law has established the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will serve as the Europe-wide standard legislation for data protection from 25.05.2018. Alongside this, a new ePrivacy regulation will be reinforced, for the protection of personal data in the electronic communications sector, especially in the [...]

By |20. April 2018|news-en, ecommerce, general, data protection|

Personalization: Relevance, customer loyalty and more turnover thanks to web, app and CRM data in your DMP

You have without a doubt all the information about your customers in your CRM. Because the customers expect you to have their customer history to hand, when you advise them. Apart from any direct dialogue with your customers, your CRM data are probably left touched. We will show you how you can best use this data for personalization. Important information upfront: So that all your customers are comfortable with the personalization, we take care both of the legal and ethical side of this kind of [...]

By |20. April 2018|news-en, ecommerce, personalization|

Ice cold und fair – Basket freeze with Tag Manager in affiliate marketing

Temperatures continue to fall in Germany, but online trade remains in the dizzy heights of the pre-Christmas madness. For many retailers it is the most profitable time of the year. People are frantically searching for gifts, trawling the internet and spending, spending, spending. Many retailers are slashing prices by offering discount codes. But it isn’t only the shops that are enticing the customers in but also voucher code sites. When this becomes a problem, here is how to react, in a nutshell. It is no secret that a considerable [...]

By |21. December 2017|news-en, ecommerce, analytics|

Share out the Christmas Cookies – a cookie switch with a Tag Management System

It’s the run up to Christmas: The streets are packed with people buying presents for thier loved ones. It’s not just the shops in town who are rubbing their hands together as their profits soar, many presents these days are simply ordered online. Customers visit your online shop through various channels. Many of these are paid a commision: Be it Newsletters, Adwords or affiliate partners. The commission is often based on the success of the visit, i.e the contact gets a share of the conversion. If [...]

By |20. April 2018|ecommerce, analytics, general, econda tips & tricks|