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High performance in e-commerce is our daily bread – yours too?

econda compiles billions of e-commerce data from thousands of online shops for over 1000 customers, from all corners of the earth, day after day. We save this data, enrich it and produce instant reports. We manage the flood of data for our customers and show them how to make their e-commerce data lucrative for their business. We work together with customers, partners and colleagues who want to see their careers take off. Top level performance is our one and only goal.

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We are always looking to give talented people with expertise the opportunity to realize their full potential within our company. If you think we should meet you, then send us your application by email to

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At econda we pride ourselves on our products, our expertise and our first class customers. To ensure it stays this way, we never let the grass grow under our feet.

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We work hard to be innovative, as well as continuously solution orientated. We are all high-end professionals and we want to keep it that way.

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The goals we set are demanding. But we work together and support one another wherever possible.

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We have brand spanking new offices with height adjustable desks. We can work standing, sitting or in a deckchair on our amazing rooftop terrace.

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We are first class team players (in table soccer too!) who also enjoy working individually and independently. Each and every individual plays a big part in helping us reach a common goal.

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We have regular team and company events to keep morale and spirits high. Examples include: The escape room, amusement parks, mixing cocktails, Bundesliga.

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We work as equals, and give sincere praise, as well as constructive criticism. If you’re lucky colleagues become good friends – a regular occurrence at econda.

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We refuse to stagnate, be it professionally or personally. That’s why we house regular training and further education workshops.

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We are located directly next to the new CityPark in Karlsruhe. Within easy reach of trams, the motorway, bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets.