Danke! Merci! Thank you! for 2019 ❤ – 2020 is about to get going and it’s shaping up to be a good one!

Whether you are a customer, partner or an E-commerce enthusiast, 2019 wouldn’t have been half as exciting without you.  So, before we get lost in the excitement of the new year, let’s have a quick look back and bask in the best bits of 2019.

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GDPR Drama und the econda Privacy Protection Solution

Let’s get the big one over and done with. The GDPR along with the decision of the ECJ  in October 2019 plunged the E-commerce world and online marketing into the depths of doom and gloom. There you have it! It was high time to bring in some clarity and calm to the chaos.

So, our answer was to develop an amazing Consent Management Platform. Something every data protectionist could be proud of! Our solution meets each and every requirement of the DSGVO and of the cookie ruling. So you can get going in 2020 with complete peace of mind. Your data protection is in good hands,

New GUIs, Features and Plug-ins

Along with all the small improvements we made, our main focus for 2019 was to develop new GUIs for our products. Cross Sell glows in a luscious green. The ARP is finally independent with new features and stands proud in a deep red wine. A colour that resonates with my palatinate heart.

2019 in Numbers

In 2019 we rolled out a total of 8.2 billion recommendations, edited 50 billion tracking requests and gave 800 million newsletter recommendations. Our customers made close to 400 million Euros turnover. That’s the equivalent to 2600 Ferraris with standard kit or 25 million crates of beer. No one got a Ferrari, but we still celebrated the results with our customers!


Plug-in for the Shopware lover in You

Hüseyin our Plug-in Developer, who is already father to 2 wonderful children, released his very own online baby. The Shopware Plug-in got some new features. including product recommendations for your shopware shopping world. A shopware shop with econda recommendations? What better way to end 2019 with a bang?

Florian Ilgen, a dancing Data Scientist and a whole load of beer!

Events are very much part and parcel of an E-commerce year. As a rule, often with too much beer, but that’s beside the point!

In 2019 we launched After Work; a small networking event, which regularly attracts visitors from Karlsruhe and the surrounding area.  And we’re loving every minute.

In the middle of the year our yearly BBQ took place. This time we welcomed Florian Ilgen as our main speaker. The planning for this year’s BBQ is already well underway.

In the second half of the year we tried something completely new. We went to the Web Engineering Unconference in Mallorca. Between the Megapark and the beach, we enjoyed thrilling talks and workshops. On top of this, we of course did all the usual exhibitions as well. But that’s all part of the everyday business isn’t it?

econda expands and thrives

We are particularly excited about a whole load of new colleagues. Our ARP team welcomed Martin and Mehmet as assets to the team. Fans of our documentation can look forward to interesting, new contents by our new technical editor Elisa. And Christopher gave Sales and CR an injection of fresh blood. We are still on the lookout for real team players and E-commerce stars in 2020.

What’s in store for 2020‘s roadmap?

Well we can’t give away too much. It’s all top secret! But our Roadmap ensures that 2020 has a whole load of exciting content in the pipeline. 😉Look out for the following:

  • econda Usability Offensive
  • AI is finally available to use in Analytics
  • econda integration made even easier thanks to new interfaces
  • And a whole load more!

econda supports the nph Children‘s Aid in Latin America e.V. and the Child Protection Association Karlsruhe

And before we forget…..every year we try to give a little something back and support a good cause. This year we have donated to 2 local partners.  Firstly, the Child Protection Agency Karlsruhe, a charity we sponsor regularly. Secondly the nph Children’s Aid in Latin America and the project der Fairen Fünf. Clean drinking water for school children in Haiti.

All the best,

Your econda Team