The econda ARP provides product recommendations in the POCO shop that are always relevant!

econda puts you in the spotlight. It doesn’t matter if you are a customer, partner or prospective customer. We are constantly asking ourselves, how we can make our econda solutions as simple and concise as possible for you. What always works? Correct, real life customer stories.

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We want to share some real econda success stories with you. POCO is one of these such stories. Here it is!

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Who is POCO?

POCO is one of the largest German interior furnishing companies, with over 120 markets in Germany, more than 8,000 employees and a turnover volume of 1,6 billion Euros a year in 2017. We have been working together closely with POCO for more than 5 years now and have enjoyed an intimate and succesful cooperation with our econda analytics solution. On this basis we have developed a phenomenal relationship built on trust.

What solution is POCO looking for?

Personalized products on every device! 

At POCO the online marketing and e-commerce team is especially ambitious and constantly on the lookout for optimization possibilities for their online shop. POCO had already identified the topic of personalization as a key issue for the future. With product ranges being larger and more extensive than ever before, the ability to guide customers quickly and easily to their relevant products is essential. True to the motto“you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, visitors need to be picked up while they are viewing a page and directed as quickly as possible to the products they are looking for or need.

A multitude of devices , as well as the need for a customized sales pitch, are among the challenges involved in running a modern online shop. Customers surf on their mobiles, come across the POCO Shop, then decide they would prefer to make the final purchase on their laptop or tablet at home. Threre is so much lost potential here ,if these customers aren’t properly looked after, treated individually and if cross channel customer profiles are not amalgated.

Personalization and individual product recommendations through all points of contact along the customer journey, as well as the respectful and responsible interaction with customer data are all part of the challenges that modern E-commerce faces. POCO does not have to face these challenges alone. Econda is 100% behind them as their partner.

Road to success - POCO personalizes its mailings with econda - personalization-en, ecommerce, news-en, uncategorized

POCO homepage personalized with econda ARP

The idea:

Through it’s own observations and market research, it became clear something needed to be done. The following idea began to grow on POCO: When you show people exactly what they want to see the very moment they are surfing, then their readiness to buy increases demonstratively. Saitisfied customers enjoy shopping with you and are guaranteed to return. Customer loyality, conversions and turnover constantly grow and evolve. The best and by far the most important thing, is that you actually create real added value for your customers.

The implementation:

Road to success - POCO personalizes its mailings with econda - personalization-en, ecommerce, news-en, uncategorized

Personalization options from econda in shopping cart area.

How does POCO actually put this idea into practice? POCO needs to show people exactly what they want to see, the minute they are looking for it. Knowledge about all customers and their needs, must be completely accessible at all times. Personalization needs to be in play at all times for the customer.

This is where econda comes into play. At econda our products econda cross sell and our customer data platform, the econda ARP, take on these functions. Econda’s personalization options are well known to POCO through regular communciation and consultation with our econda team. Using these solutions was a logical next step.

How is econda personalization implemented in the POCO-Shop?

To this end we have so-called widgets. In other words ”displays/windows” built in to various pages of the POCO shop.

Road to success - POCO personalizes its mailings with econda - personalization-en, ecommerce, news-en, uncategorized

Personalization of the POCO-Shop on the Smartphone.

Products displayed, that POCO recommends to each customer. Together with POCO we developed specific rules for these widgets, so that customers are shown content that is as personalized as possible. The econda solutions automatically take on the triggering of these widgets with individual content. They adhere to the pre-defined rules when doing this. It doesn’t just sound high tech, there really is a whole load of highly skilled technology involved. Philipp is happy to explain more about this in his presentations. You can see a few of these in our video portal. It’s definitely worth a look.

What do the results look like? Satisfied customers – we are happy!

POCO and econda are more than happy with the results achieved so far. When customers come into contact with the recommendation widgets in the POCO shop, it has a direct effect on the company’s success. Why? The shopping cart value rises on average by a whole 30%Road to success - POCO personalizes its mailings with econda - personalization-en, ecommerce, news-en, uncategorized

The bounce quota on the homepage plummeted by a whole 60% after the implementation of a recommendation widget. With our recommendations POCO manages to increase its sales. In short: When POCO-customers are faced with recommendations from econda, conversion rates increase. POCO generates more turnover and makes it’s customers happier.

This performance is monitored and optimized during regular meetings with Jörg, in our customer services department. This gets the most out of the performance and ensures a healthy dialogue between us and our customer POCO.

Road to success - POCO personalizes its mailings with econda - personalization-en, ecommerce, news-en, uncategorized

What does the future hold?

POCO and econda have a long way still to go together. We have already defined our next goals. Both sides are working hard together to achieve and implement these goals. We are planning to increase conversions through even more optimization innitiatives. For this the preconfigured rules are further refined and the general placing of the recommendations is reworked. The econda personalization options should be extended to the email marketing. There are further plans for the personalization of the display marketing with the customer data platform econda ARP.

An exciting future lies ahead and we still have loads of exciting projects planned.

The econda crew wants to thank the whole team at POCO for a cooperation that is both rewarding and great fun. We are excited about the future together and look forward to making the customer journey for POCO customers even more worthwhile.

With econda on it’s team, POCO is ready for the future!

Are you fired up by the topic of personalization and want econda to personalize your shop? Do you need more informationon our products and want to chat to the guys behind the econda solution?Then give us a call or write us a mail. Click here for AnalyticsCross Sell and ARP

We look forward to meeting you!

Your econda team

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