Road to Success – How has improved it’s mail marketing and keeps storage costs to a minimum with econda.

How econda helps be a roaring success in E-commerce

econda analytics plays an essential role in the high quality, targeted email marketing at Alongside the analytics options, econda analytics provides with fully developed software solutions with extensive data, allowing forecasting tools to work safely and precisely. This has countless benefits for A forecasting tool ensures the warehouse is never empty, predicts sales trends, reduces costs and increases turnover.

Up to now we had been using various web analytics tools but econda simply offers the best combination of flexibility within the analyses for web analytics professionals in the company and intuitive user friendly tools.

Real projects! Real Customers! Measurable Successes!

We want to share some real econda success stories with you. is one of these such stories. Here it is.

For those of you who are too busy to read, we have put together a summary of the most important facts here. For a complete overview of the case it is however advisable to read the rest!

Road to success - How has improved it’s mail marketing and keeps storage costs to a minimum with econda. - analytics-en, ecommerce, news-en

Who is

The is the biggest online shop for baby and children’s products in Europe. Alongside Germany the company enjoys a market presence in 13 European countries, as well as in China. With over 450 employees the company has enjoyed rapid growth, on average by 30% a year.

What connects us?

We have nurtured a target-driven partnership for over 10 years now, during which we have cooperatively and effectively supported within web analytics. Challenges within web analytics are the order of the day. The product range alone of over 100,000 articles covering every aspect of baby and toddler needs, makes working together with especially exciting for econda. Bearing the size of the company in mind, our technical and software solution is an absolute necesssity. And this is, of course, right up our street!

What solution is looking for?

There are two pressing challenges for

  1. The email-marketing requires an up-to-date database, to guarantee an improved sales pitch
  2. uses an internal business intelligence solution to calculate sales forecasts, essential for repeat orders. These sales forecasts are sluggish and prone to errors, largely due to substandard data bases. The forecasting tool reacts too slowly to rising demand. This runs the risk of repeat orders not being processed quickly enough.

“In contrast with the other alternatives that are free of charge, econda provides competent support that we can rely on, even when analyses are out of the ordinary. With regards to GDPR and data protection econda is simply in an entirely different league. “

Road to success - How has improved it’s mail marketing and keeps storage costs to a minimum with econda. - analytics-en, ecommerce, news-en

The Solutions

First solution: All distribution and behavior based KPI’s are grouped in one tool. This facilitates any optimizations and reduces workload.

Second solution: Sales forecasts are improved, as data measurement is optimized. has noted, that customer interest increases in intervals, before an actual sale is processed. This is particularly the case for seasonal products, such as sun protection for buggies and winter foot-muffs, but can also be relevant for other articles at obviously wants a rock-solid solution to both problems. This is where econda comes into play.

The solution – how can the requirements be sensibly implemented?

The econda analytics solution is ideal for the requirements has.

Solution 1 – grouping of the KPI’s in one tool to acheive optimal email marketing: changed to Inxmail as its mailing provider, as it was the simplest way to improve the database and in turn facilitate target driven customer sales pitches. Econda and Inxmail work closely side by side and together harmonize the perfect solution. This facilitates specifically targeted campaigns alongside central data management within the econda solution.

Solution 2 – optimization of data measurement: Newly defined metrics, measured by econda, provide the basis for the calculation of the forecasting tool. These include visits to the product page, entries via product portals. Products are flagged up for new orders based on the increase in visits. This prevents the products running out in the warehouse.

Equally this works the other way around. In the event of decreasing user interest , unnecessary repeat orders can be avoided and so the warehouse is not unnecessarily full. How does that work? We pass on the data we measured to the business intelligence tool at This then calculates a precise forecasting tool, also using artifical intelligence. Pretty cool, don’t you think?



The Result

Econda data helps reduce storage costs. So the shelves on the shopfloor will never be empty and the customers will never be disappointed.

Interlinking the email and webanalytics tool drastically simplifies the creation of reports for What’s more, econda allows in depth analyses, improves segmentation and the automation of email campaigns.  Econda data has a positive effect on opening rates and click rates, resulting in increased order rates.

Road to success - How has improved it’s mail marketing and keeps storage costs to a minimum with econda. - analytics-en, ecommerce, news-en

What does the future hold?

Together we are looking for more data points, to expand the forecasting tool with internal banners and newsletter advertising spaces.

In the mailing area, an even more granular campaign management is just around the corner. This will reach babymarkt through the evaluation of behavorial data.  These results are used for optimization.