You have without a doubt all the information about your customers in your CRM. Because the customers expect you to have their customer history to hand, when you advise them. Apart from any direct dialogue with your customers, your CRM data are probably left touched. We will show you how you can best use this data for personalization.

Important information upfront: So that all your customers are comfortable with the personalization, we take care both of the legal and ethical side of this kind of solution. Personalization has countless advantages for you and your customers. Personalization is available to everyone interested – those who are not interested in personalization (for whatever reason) are offered security and protection for their privacy.

Profile information in econda Audience Relationship Platform

In connection with our DMP (Data Management Platform), the econda Audience Relationship Platform (ARP for short), we bring your CRM data to a whole new level. Lines between online and offline are blurred and we don’t just stop at one device with econda ARP.

You whole visitor and click behavior of your web and APP data is made available as a profile, cross device, in econda ARP even at the point of booking. If you also have a shop and use our recommendation solution econda Cross Sell, all of your visitors product interactions are automatically transferred into your profile. So you start off with a significant data base.

In ARP your individual customers/visitors/e-mail recipients, who have agreed to Opt-in, are bundled together in user-based profiles and then the following information is assigned to the individual profiles cross device:

  • Abandoned products

  • Viewed products not bought

  • Ordered and canceled products

  • Devices and browsers in use

  • Relevant marketing campaigns

  • Search phrases

  • etc.

You can utilise this knowlege in your marketing automation for targeted pitches to your customers.

Enrich your online profile with your CRM data

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of profile information automatically available to you. With the Audience Relationship Platform you can form your own personal view of your customers, by importing your own information from your CRM, data warehouse, BI system or campaign management, as so-called profile properties.

Basically, in terms of what best represents your application, anything is possible in your profile. You should however only save information that is relevant and in the interests of your business. Here are a few examples:

  • Additional basic data, e.g. gender, location, age group

  • Products purchased online or in your stores

  • Loyalty card holder yes/no

  • Favorite colors

  • Product interests

  • Favorite product categories

  • Customer scorings

  • Sales affinity

  • etc.

Use CRM data in your online channels

You simply create your own profile properties through the econda personalization interface, export customer data from your CRM and import it into econda ARP. This can be easily done, for example through CSV data directly within the UI or automatically through webservice API or through JavaScript.

Now all your data is available to your online channels. You can use your individual data that reflects the complete online and offline customer journey for real time personalization.

React to every click in real time

When you use econda ARP together with our recommendation solution Cross Sell we throw in a whole load of other stuff:

If you, for example take out of the CRM that the customer likes heels, we can start off by showing the best sellers from the category heels on the website. As soon as she begins to browse in your shop, you get instant information added to her profile in real time, e.g. information on her favorite colors, style or preferred materials. With every product she views, we can build up a better picture of exactly which heels she likes and so offer her suitable models as recommendations.

What else you can achieve using econda ARP:

  • Create personalized campaigns and approach your customers individually on your website.

  • Display personalized recommendation widgets and individual visuals on your website, based on the click behavior and interactions of your visitors.

  • Website content personalized in real time

  • Personalized recommendations in mailings

  • Simply select a target group from your data pool from the interface

  • Display personalized banners and teasers on your website and in display marketing

  • Link up with ad server data and returns from specific target groups

  • Use the Tag Manager to manage SEA, display, and affiliate campaigns

So you can see, that the sky’s the limit with what you can do.

By all means get in touch, so that we can develop a suitable personalization strategy for you as a user. We will be only too pleased to show you just what you can achieve, with the econda Audience Relationship Platform.