Here’s the burning question – how does it work with advertising space, banners and interferences?

You know how it is:
Product management has a fantastic new campaign, designed to boost new markets. There are already three others running alongside this……..your colleague has also sold space on the category page. So who gets the highly sought-after top spot in the most viewed space? Here it’s a great idea to work with sliders or even simply at random. As the saying goes; it’s he who shouts loudest, who gets heard…

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Nobody can really dispute this and as a rule it is mostly just accepted. In actual fact this is just taking the easy way out. This is neither advantageous for the user nor for the provider.

This would be much better: personalized content, products and advertising space for each and every visitor segment and customer

And it is so simple:
You can simply use the user profiles automatically created by econda. We know only too well, what your users are interested in.
Data mining and machine learning processes use your web and app data to determine the most relevant adverts for each and every user.

If the user last viewed Nike shoes, then we will go on to show him the Nike campaigns. If the user was last known to be surfing in the sales, why not show him gift vouchers which are only valid for products in the sale, to help you clear out your stockroom…
There are countless such examples, that every good salesman recognizes straight away.

Visibly improved conversions, satisfied customers, higher number of repeat customers, happy manufacturers

Thanks to the consistent use of the latest personalization technology everyone is happy. You are happy because your shop is performing well. The product manager is happy because her advertising space is boosting sales of the new range. The Manufacturer is happy because you have reported good results regarding advertising subsidies.

What are the benefits?

For the user:

  • Relevant content
  • An improved user experience
  • Simplified navigation – the shop shows the user what he is looking for, without him even having to search.

For you as a provider:

  • The click-through rates of the advertising space show a dramatic increase.
  • Improved campaign results
  • If you sell advertising space: Higher returns through higher prices with traffic remaining the same
  • More revenue

Indeed, it is the ability to evaluate almost every decision in a quantified and objective way, that attracted me to e-commerce in the first place. So: let your data work for you and fly the flag to celebrate your success at the end of the day.

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